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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

party in the USA

Life is crazy! It is awesome to be back in Santa Monica, I had forgotten how pretty it is up here.

So many Chinese people go to UCLA haha!! It is so nice for the campus to be so close to the temple too. It is so easy accessible.

Thanks so much for the prayers for Danny, he really needed them!

But yeah, it was crazy, because Danny the Brazilian, he had a fight, a pretty big one, on Friday....and he lost..:( freaking Manny vs Mayweather all over again. And after he was just so unsure about everything. Unsure if he wanted to keep fighting, keep chasin the dream, and he was pretty confused why after all he had done to follow Jesus, he still lost. BUT his testimony was so strong and he was like "I am ready for my new life! I am so excited for my baptism!" Now, his sights are on finding a Mormon wife!! man, but with Danny, it was so crazy to see the spirit teach. Our lessons would be sooo crazy, but the spirit just converted and taught him. Missionary work is sick!!!

Really though family, thanks so much for caring about the work out here!! 

I am just striving to "doubt not, fear not" and looking unto Christ in all things. We have some challenges to get over in this area. and its hard knowing that I have this time restraint to do it, but I just always need to remind myself that this Gods work. Not just in missionary work, but in everything. With the world going crazy, I just focus on my testimony of the Living Christ, and strengthen my Faith in Him. 

I love you fam! 

Elder Burr
Danny did it!
Elder Hou

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