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Monday, June 22, 2015

The 4th quarter, the red zone, Game 7, bottom of the 9th, the last melon!!!!!

aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh it came, I tried to stop it, I told myself it wasn't coming, but it came all the same! I am starting my last transfer today! ahhh and President is taking me out of English and putting me back into the Chinese district as the district leader again. To be honest, I was kinda bummed to leave because we have sooo many people sooo close to baptism here. aahhh!! I love them so much, my time in English and my time as a zone leader have made my mission so much richer. I am grateful for the chance I had to serve here and in this position. I was pretty confused why President made me DL again, I was kind of looking forward to not have a leadership position so I could just relax a little and just worry about the area I was in and getting along with my comp, but whenever we want to slack off, the Lord nips that in the bud real quick. He has a real sick sense of humor sometimes, but don't worry, I still love Him!!
I will be going back to the Westdale 1st Ward in Santa Monica, but instead of serving in the SMC side, I will serve on the UCLA side. Go Bruins!!!
My new companion will be Elder Hou, another newbie from Beijing that doesn't speak a lick of English. Which is really good because my Chinese has digressed a lot!
But my last companion, Elder Larkin, finished the mission last transfer, and in his departing testimony he talked about how we as missionaries share so many testimonies about so many different things, and he said that the most important thing we could testify of was what Joseph Smith, The Prophet, said himself, " And this is the testimony, last of all, that we give of Him, That He Lives!!" And if He lives, why wouldn't we try our hardest to be like him and follow the council that he is actively giving us?
It was such a powerful testimony! It made me reflect on Christ is so aware of all that I am doing. That he is there every time I choose to do what is right, and every time I am a witness of Him to others. This feeling that I get, when I think of my Savior actively a part of my life, makes me want to be like Ammon when he glories in on the power of God!! ahh! its an awesome feeling.
It was also Fathers Day yesterday. I am grateful for my dad who showed me the way and gave me such a great example, because "The son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do, for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the son likewise." thanks Dad! Thanks for everything. And a Father can not be without a wife, thanks too Mom!! love you guys!! talk to you later!! let me know what you want from LA
Elder Burr
April 15 Torrance North Zone

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