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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

" you boys out here castrating??"

The subject is what a guy said to us at a park, he had very clean nostrils for how weird the rest of him was.

Aaah! All of your spirits are so strong! I can feel it through the keys of the message board. Thanks Dad for the letter and thanks Grandma! Congrats on the 50 years!  I will for sure miss being the MC at the Christmas Party. Thanks for creating that position for me, it really took the sting off the realization I had that I had swindled away my time and not procured any talents!!

So this is the last week with the tripanionship, the native is going home which means we are screwed. Between my comp and I, we have so little understanding of Chinese and since we are in like a mixing pot of Asians, we hear a ton of accents from all over so unless you are way solid you can’t really understand people. But I know that language isn’t a barrier for the Lord! We have a baptism this Saturday; it is the first one for the branch in 2 years! I hope it starts a revival ( Bently.....) with the members. I have a testimony that lessons with members are how we will help people understand. I am a freaking hun xie ar ( half blood, that’s what they call me) from Utah, all the members are converts from Taiwan or China, they are so amazing in lesson when they bear testimony that they didn’t know everything before they were baptized, but they had faith that they would learn and that God would help them. I love the branch. I love you guys!! I freakin love this scripture, I share it as much as I can. 

Mormon 7:7 and he hath brought to pass the redemption of the world, whereby he that is found guiltless before him at the judgment day hath it given unto him to dwell in the presence of God in his Kingdom, to sing ceaseless praises with the choirs above.........in a state of happiness which hath no end

I can’t believe I get to give people this, every single day. 

Thanks you all for the words of encouragement, it means the world. I know the world won’t give us more until he is satisfied with what we have done with what he has already given us! We have a baptism this Saturday with Betal. He is so golden, straight out of the heart of China and he is loving having a Heavenly Father, he met the branch pretty much for the first time this Sunday, and when he got up to say a little about him he said something like, " if I had any question I would pray, if I felt bad I would pray, if I realized I had been blessed I would pray, pray pray pray and every time I felt God answer me." He is the best; I will send a pic of him next time. 

Samson and Tiffany also came to Church, they are also straight out of China, they are awesome, we just need to meet with them more often and I know we can help them understand what this church really is, it’s THE church!!!

Thank you mom so much for the study stuff, I am going to use the picture Book of Mormon to teach a little girl named I'Po.

Have fun in Mexicococ, or South America, or both!!! Drink lots of jaritos.

Be Safe and I love you all

Elder Burr
this is Tom, Tom is cool, Tom brings his friend to English Class, I like Tom