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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

its social....twisted and sad, but social

I hope I got that quote right. sooo where do I start. So my companion really is super famous in Japan. He is from a group called bless4, look them up and tell me about it!! He is super cool.

So, we met with this guy that is 7th day Adventist, and he seemed really smart, but he also believed that the world is flat and still the center of the universe. They got some pretty wild Christians out here, I mean like, don't believe in dinosaurs Christians. ( I wonder what the church's stance on that is?? I hope we believe in dinosaurs, I am not sure it would be heaven if I couldn't ride a velociraptor).....as you may have guessed, I have seen the new Jurassic Park adds a lot. 

BUT an awesome thing happened this week. So Amanda, you remember Danny, the guy with the tattoo? So a little background on Danny, he is the Brazilian MMA fighter who is super spiritual! So this past Sunday, Frank got confirmed a member (Frank was the sisters investigator), and during the confirmation, Danny said he felt that the words being said to Frank were being said to Him, and that God was telling him that he was next. hahah it was so sweet. As I teach Danny, I can tell that it is the spirit converting him, not me or my teaching skills, but the spirit, and I am so humbled by that. I love feeling like I am nothing, because I am!! I am a waay prideful person, and moments like this help me realize that I am nothing....with out God, and with God on my side, I can do anything. the paradox of man right here!! 

I am so excited for everyone back home! congrats Becki on graduating!! see you fall 2015!!

love you guys!!
Elder Burr

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