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Monday, July 6, 2015

apricot trees

Hey hey hey!!!

So, it was really funny being in LA for so long because you can always see the movies that will come out. And for 2 years I saw moveis that I wouldn't be able to see, and just the other day I saw a movie that had a release date after I go home. It was kind of a scary realization.

okay, enough of that trunkiness

So basically the talk of Church was the gay marriage stuff, which I thought was a little weird. We had people talking about all kinds of things, like this is the end of the world, second coming is upon us and etc. What I was thinking was, for sure we need to be aware of this change and need to react accordingly, but I think that this is a tool from satan to distract people. I think it would be really bad of people got so caught up in fighting some legal decision and weren't inviting people to feel the truth of the restored gospel in order to come closer to Jesus Christ. We as a church have always had the responsibility to help people find that, and to be examples of that to them. We are always going to be weird, we are always going to be counter culture, but the Savior has promised that as we choose to follow Gods laws, He will stand by us. Also, the Savior himself was counter-culture, but he brought the truth, and that's all that really mattered.

So do you remember Regina Huang? She was baptized about a year and a half ago. SO her mom came to visit from Guang Zhou and she started  taking the lessons and now she will be baptized. yeah!!!! Huge miracles!! Its just amazing how the gospel spreads, and its amazing to see these ripple effects. I am so grateful for the bonds I have made out here with these converts (that are not so recent) I can feel that it runs a lot deeper than a couple years, but ions. I am grateful to where I came from and where my potential and nature came from, and it just makes it even better looking into someones eyes and knowing that we came from the same place.

Well, word on the street is my older sister is getting married next week. I will be there in spirit. ALSO the 17th is my companions birthday!!! whoo!! I hope your thinking about my li'l Asian companion on your wedding day!!

love you guys

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