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Monday, June 22, 2015


Hey Family!! WOW a baby was a born, a real life baby!!! Somebody needs to send me an audio of how to correctly pronounce the name!! haha I have never heard of that name before. But it has been a great experience to add someone to my prayers at night. It doesnt matter I havent met her, I love her so much! that baby is going to get spoiled rotten haha.
So I spent a ton of time writing an RC in chinese, that took forever. I was just so worried I was using the wrong charcters at some points I had to check almost all of them!! but hey, its all good.
A little up date on Leo Huang, my recent convert in China. he just barely emailed me 2 weeks ago that he finished the whole BOM! all on his own...in the middle of communist china!!! ahhh!! that made me so moved man! I am so happy for him. Just the knoweldge of a Heavenly Father and a Savior is such a wonderful spiritual gift.
ahh! not alot of time again or a lot written, I am sorry!! but hey, you guys got babies to go play with anyways!!
love you! thanks so much for the vitamins mom! love you!

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