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Monday, June 30, 2014


I am so excited for the 4thof July!! The people in our neighborhood love shooting things off on a daily basis, so I am excited to see what they will do on the day they have to do it! We have to be in home by 6pm, so I am trying to convince my companion to climb onto the roof of our apartment and watch the fireworks!!

Tori! You are so fit! That is awesome! Way to run so hard! WHY DO I SOUND SO WEIRD RIGHT NOW!!

Wyatt is back, that is sick! Was he totally freaked out to give hugs? haha

So update! Samson and Tiffany finally got married officially! But they are stuck in China, but he is trying his best to go to a branch there. 

So we took our investigators Near, Bo Yi, Hao Han, and BoWen to a baptism this weekend. Two of them have dates for August. But Hao Han does not, and I asked him how he felt about the baptism and he said, “I feel like I should get baptized!”. His family is still pretty against it, but we just need to build up his faith!!

So we had a cool 21st contact. (we have to contact 20 people a day)  So we had 19, and we had set a goal to have a lesson on the streets, so we prayed that we would be guided to the person that would let us teach them, and it was like 8:45pm at that point. So we go out, and I stop this family, but they weren’t really that interested but we invited them to the Visitors Center. So we were heading around the block and a girl is behind us, and I was thinking, "We prayed to get a lesson and God heard my prayer, I think he will give me a lesson, why did I say the prayer if I don’t believe anything would happen." So I turn around and talk with her, and it was a normal contact, I was not really pushing anything that hard, and then she asks, "So what do you guys believe, give me the run down, I have time." It was an awesome testimony builder to me!

The Church is true, God guides this work. Every night I pray I know that I am nothing without the Lord, that he guides this work. I can’t believe he sends me to teach His children, I am so honored to serve him!!

Love you guys,

Elder Burr
Visitor Center with my boys

Kelp, water, and eggs given to us, or....

The Triple-Fat Burger

They got that right

Xiao Bo is great

Xiao Bo

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