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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ninos and Jovenes

Guys! I am still in a Chinese area, I am sorry I have not sent a picture in a long time. These ghetto libraries are hard to work with!! But they are awesome, because people always randomly yell our profanities when their computer times runs out and they don't notice.

GO LA KINGS!!! Apparently they won the Stanly Cup, but everyone in LA is too wrapped up in themselves that no one really talked about it.......anyways thanks so much for the emails!! And the updates!! It is good to know that the ribbons we put in the cherry tree are still working. LA has some cool wild life, mainly possums, raccoons, and parrots. Yeah! Parrots! I want to capture one so bad!!

haha Amanda’s email today was awesome!! She is such a cool missionary. I literally talk about her in every street contact I make. She is so cool. But oh man I got distracted because I just realized the  lady next to me with rollers and forks in her hair has a dog sealed in some kind of grocery bag and its making noises and I don't know what to do!!!!! This is so sad..

Anyways, that is so cool that Wyatt is coming home. Tell him to write me something!! Words of wisdom, funny words in Finnish, whatever!! I need to hear from that ol' Clegg.

So I learned something really cool today. I was reading the talk in the Ensign about "Being Perfect in Christ" and it was such a blessing because I have been getting a little stressed. I feel like I am platto-ing on my mission, getting to comfortable, getting stuck in the routine!! I just want to reach that next level, that step closer to perfection, but I just can’t do it. But this talk helped me realize that we are all a work in progress. That being perfect does not mean that we never make mistakes or we never are lazy. It means that we are complete. A scriptures I really enjoy sharing is in 3 Nephi 12 and it is the last verse. It talks about how we should be perfect, like Jesus and the Father are perfect. BUT looking at the Chinese translation, it uses the word wan quan (which means complete) not the word wan mei de ( which means perfect) God wants us to become complete, he wants us to slowly acquire the things that will make us like Him and Jesus Christ one day. Right now we are in-complete. But every day we can add more things. We can learn to be more loving, more diligent, more Christ like. It’s not just flipping a switch and going from imperfect to perfect. It is a lifetime of adding on the things we are missing, until we reach that completed being. The person that Heavenly Father always intended us to be.

Love you guys so much!! My time is running out so no pictures this week, I will try next week for sure!!

Elder Burr

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