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Monday, June 9, 2014


Apparently the Stanly Cup is going down here. Family!! If I try to convince you to come to LA and visit me, DON’T DO IT!! For some reason I am only now realizing how close you guys are to me and how easy it would be. But really, I am all good.

Oh NO!! So that rapper posted the photo of us together on Instagram and my companion flipped out. He didn't want to go to that store, he was fighting it, but I convinced him to go. And then at Zone training meeting, the Poly elders told us that it was on Instagram and he lost it!! He got so stressed that President would see it and send us home, that he broke out in cold sores!!  We have been doing a lot of relaxation exercises lately....

It is funny how the mission has made me so stressed, more stressed in my entire life, but also I have never felt close to God!! I love it. I am wrapped up in it every day. But don't get me wrong family, I can forget sometimes, I can let Satan get a hold of me. But whenever I share my testimony (just like I am doing with you guys now) I can feel His love and comfort around me. And that's what I want to share with you guys today. Also, that it is not just saying something that shares our testimonies, but it is also our actions! Who we are and how we represent ourselves is a testimony.

Family, I live in a very worldly place and a lot of kids here have been really messed up by it. These influences are terrible. We can ask a kid, “do you know who God is?" and he will say, ”Lil' Wayne is God!" Becky, Tina, and Mellissa, be strong! Don't let the influences of this world change who you are and what you want. That conference talk is so good. The Choice Generation (I think) it just talks about how our desires right now will shape the rest of our lives! Good or bad. Stand strong my little sisters!! Always be striving for things that will bring you closer to God. Always share your testimony through your examples. Be the one that says "No, I don't do this, it’s just not me." You girls are awesome! I know you are all doing awesome things in life right now. Keep it up!! And I promise you, as you do this, as you share the testimony you have in word and deed, you will feel Heavenly Father’s love for you!!

I don't know where that came from, super random. But really, the high schoolers here and the college students here, some of them make me sad, but some of them make me really happy!! They have good things in LA!

So I am staying in USC another 6 weeks with Elder Bria, I hope so bad that I can stay here for fall semester. That’s when things will get going. haha We almost had more non-members at church this Sunday and more than half the people at church spoke Chinese!! The Chinese people here are so hungry for this. I love telling people that they have a Heavenly Father and all these blessings come from knowing that. A lot of people are hesitant to talk to us because China has a ton of cults that steal people’s money and say they will be healed through karate and donations. A girl’s grandma was really effected by one of these cults and now she feels like she can’t trust any religion, she said "I have a boulder blocking me from connecting with God" and I know that Christ’s atonement can heal her!! Can lift this burden off her shoulders, free her from this pain. I can’t believe I have the chance to see that atonement in action. I hope I don't mess it up. I have no idea why God sends Elder Burr to teach his children.

Well, love you guys so much, have an awesome week!
Elder Burr

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