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Monday, July 7, 2014

Taste of Democracy

Oh man, I love taking investigators street contacting with us!! So Fang Jun Ji gave us a call at 10:00 one night and said, "something inside my heart tells me I need to preach with you!" So the next day, we do it! But everyone was being pretty "anti" that day and I was super scared that it would be bad for his progression. But we eventually find a 17-year old kid and I corner him at a picnic table and we sit down and talk and our investigator just shares such a strong testimony, something I have never heard him share before in any lesson. And he just felt so happy after.
In his testimony (the kid was Korean so it was in English) he said, "sometimes, I will go to other churches on sundays. And I go even though it breaks the Elders' hearts. But I always come back and they forgive me. I am not sure why I come back, I think its because I know this church is true, yeah, that's it, I know that this is the only true church and I will always go back to it."
So good!! He is getting baptized August 2nd!! 
The 4th was gnar-gnar pow-pow. We had to be in at 6pm and had the most unproductive weekly planning sesh. Then I tried to escape and get on the roof and look at fireworks, but my comp wouldn't let me. Mostly just eating pizza, drinking Jarritos, and watching the testament video. But the ghetto was just so crazy!! The entire neighborhood was shooting of fireworks for like 3 hours! They love the USA.
But the best part was when we threw a BBQ for our investigators. It was their first Day of Independence in the USA and I wanted to show them that democracy tastes like watermelon and hot dogs!! It was super fun, we did it in the church parking lot, set up a bunch of American flags. It was so much fun, I felt like I was being dissobediant! But we ended up teaching them the pledge of allegiance and then we all did it together, and then I felt weird because I just had all these Chinese nationals pledge allegiance to another country. haha! But we had one investigator Gloria, who is just so awesome!! She really liked the Star Spangled Banner and told us it was so lovely and moving she was going to go home and memorize it. haha I cant wait for her to perform it.
Well, thanks so much for your letters and updating me on everything. I love the pictures you guys send. Rebeca looks so old and Melissa looks so much like Amanda. But dang, I want to go hiking with Tina to Timp again, that was so sweet! I can't believe it was almost a year ago. I really do still feel like a small fry, it is hard to gauge change over such a long period of time. 
Goodluck on all the summer activities!! Love you all!!
Elder Burr

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