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Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 40

So that picture with the rapper is doing funny things, little Latino kids are stopping and saying, “Hey, I saw you on Tyler's insta" haha super funny. But it also sparked Drew to email me, which I am super pumped about!!! I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I talked to him. 

Well USC, oh man, our ward is so small. It is really tough because our Sacrament Meeting is all in English, so a lot of our investigators just get nothing out of it, and I am dying because it is such good messages that the speakers share, but they just don’t get it. We are also feeling the pressures of time, because sometimes we don’t have that long with these investigators, a lot of them will leave in 3 or 4 months, sometimes even 2 months, sometimes even a couple weeks. It is hard just seeing people leave like that. But it makes it so every lesson counts. Crazy small ward though, like 15 or 20 people in Sacrament Meeting. And one time, they sent the High Councilors to speak at our Sacrament Meeting, and all the investigators spoke was Spanish, they had to have some guy translate for them! It was a mess. But hey!! The work goes on!!

So we had a lesson with this lady named Gloria. And we read scripture in Romans 8:16, about how we are children of God and we will be glorified together on high. And when I read it out loud and got to the Glorified part she started laughing and giggling and was like "aahhh that’s my name hahah. I love the scriptures!!" That was pretty funny. She does lots of stuff like that, like she cancelled our lesson because the weather outside was too nice and she just could not resist having a picnic outside, haha!

So Near and Bo Yi are progressing nicely to their baptism dates! Near will always go street contacting with us, he just loves it. He always gives us street contacting tips, like always stand at a 45 degree angle when you talk with them. He is the best, he will be a stake president in China one day for sure!! 

I am so pumped for the package you guys sent me!! I was so hungry hahaha the beef jerky hit the spot and the Bible is awesome. Finally I will learn how to bible-bash! JK it only brings the spirit of contention. Maybe I am too passive of a person, but I never seem to run into much negativity. But I guess sometimes, you just have to be firm with people PMG says; “this is eternal life here!! If the people you talk to don’t know it is this important, at least you do!" It is important and it is true and these people really are lacking it. This is something that I sometimes forget on my mission. 

Something else I noticed today that I really like about our church is that it preaches the true Gospel of Christ, not the soft stuff that all the other Bible studies and congregations teach. I hear every day, "I have Jesus in my heart, I am saved, I have faith" and what they don’t understand, is they can have more faith. They can come closer to Jesus and they can help save others!! All the time churches are teaching people that it’s all good and they are good where they are at and they have qualified for salvation, but it’s just a false peace of mind! I am so grateful for living Prophets and Priesthood leaders that tell me how I can be better. They tell me that God said, be perfect, and that I am not there yet. This is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s a Gospel of broken hearts and contrite spirits (because that’s what we need to grow) but it is also a gospel of infinite hope (because of the Atonement of Christ) 

I love you family!! Thanks so much for supporting me!

Elder Burr

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