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Monday, January 26, 2015

And if ye endure it well.....you will get a Del Taco chocolate shake

So, I got my first food poising on the mission. I am sure all my friends in the Philippines and Mexico are pretty jealous it has only happened once. And it wasn't from crazy Chinese food, just your classic California Del Taco burger.

So this week, was fun. I was planning on doing splits with the Elders at USC and they wanted to do back to back splits, which was a little shady to me. I had never been on exchanges with one of the Elders and he had a reputation of being a little wild and not liking leadership so I was a little scared to do the exchange, especially because I had to go and correct them on some things (no one likes being corrected and I don't like giving it) but it had to be done. TURNS OUT it went really good with both Elders!! The magic solution, as it always is, is following the example of Jesus Christ. Just sincere compliments and having fun doing the Lords works can really soften someone’s heart. I am really grateful for that experience this week because I really need to learn how to have more love towards others. Even now, a year and a half onto my mission, I still find myself being prideful and focused on what I want, not what others need. It is frustrating. I am so grateful for repentance, and especially daily repentance. I think of the time that Joseph Smith, after the first vision, knelt in his bedroom and asked the Lord for forgiveness and then the angel Moroni appeared to him. And then after that he still had to wait 7 years to start the work of restoring the Church. Being humble and patient is the key.

The Chinese District is doing awesome!!! We get 2 new Elders at the end of the Transfers. Elder Yang from Taiwan and Elder Hou from China. I wonder if they will split the District. Right now I have to do 9 exchanges a transfer.

Could I ask your guys help? Could you get me some little accessories from Dessert Book? Like a little necklace with a CTR ring on it or something (but not the iron rod necklace, the tiny hands kind of creep me out) also the iron rod keychain with the writing on it is also super good. Thank you so much!!

I got to ride a bike for the first time on my mission!! It was awesome!!

I love you guys!! Be safe! Congratulations to the girls with the Sterling silver scholar awards and horse riding champ and YoYo Ma status for Melissa!! You guys are way better teenagers than I was!! Keep it up!

Elder Burr
Front & Center - January 20 Mission Leadership Training
October 29 - International Zone Conference

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