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Monday, January 12, 2015

bao le (I'm full)

December 29, 2014

It’s hard to remember Christmas, because I was basically in a food-coma at the end of the day. So, being in a normal Family Ward is awesome because people will invite you over for dinner, and on Christmas day it was just crazy. So, in the morning, Sister Henry invited us over for breakfast and ever since Dad started taking us out to breakfast places after the Temple, I have always loved breakfast, so I ate a lot. Then, we had a member from Fiji invite us over for Christmas Dinner at like 2pm, so she had all this Fiji food, it was like fish and roots and spinach with coconuts, so I had to eat a lot cause it was so new and so good. THEN Sister Cho, the recently-activated LA wanted to take us out, so we went out to eat with her at like 8pm for our official dinner. We had eggplant chicken and ma-po do-fu. IT was really good, but anyways, I have not eaten that much food in the space of 24 hours in my life and my body is still recovering from it and I don't think I will do it again. Maybe I will at Amanda’s wedding when she serves all you can eat Pizza and Candy!!!

It was so awesome to see you guys!!! I really can’t believe how grown up everybody looks and it was just so cool seeing Amanda, I have not seen her in such a long time, that was a huge tender mercy from the Lord. Thank you family for talking with me!!

Probably one of the best things that happened this week was we got to teach our recent-convert sister how to pray. She will be going back to China this Thursday, and was pretty hesitant about learning about Christianity (because most of the Christian churches in central China are cult-ish) but while we were sitting down teaching Tracy, Eric’s girlfriend, she sat in on the lesson and at the end we asked her if she wanted to saying the closing prayer and she said yes! So we taught her, and it was just such a wonderful and sincere prayer of gratitude. And it may be a small thing, but it is so cool that now, when she goes back to China, she knows how to communicate with God. What a powerful and enabling gift to possess. Just like it says in Alma 26 "God is mindful of his people in whatever land they may be in, he numbereth them, and his bowels of mercy are over all the earth." We are all God’s children, and everyone on the Earth is just in different stages of coming to that statement is true for themselves. I know I still have so much more room to progress and come to truly understand what that statement means.

I have come to learn, that doing God’s work makes me the most happy. I am so grateful to be out here.

Love you guys!!
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