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Monday, January 19, 2015

I am super KaiXing

Cool cool week!! Tracy got baptized!! I went on exchanges to Compton. I learned that black people have a love of changing how words are pronounced. But oh man, it kind of made me want to serve in English. Just teaching humble God fearing people is awesome.

Tracy!!! She got baptized, if you didn't know, Tracy is Erics girlfriend and after she saw the change in Eric, she wanted to see if this was true or not. ahhh When someone sets a date to be baptized, it almost is never smooth. Satan always works on them. We had a lot of stressful moments but the Spirit always prevails!! It was a really good baptism, Eric did the ordinance!! But every time you see an investigator dressed in white, it always just hits you so hard!! Every time I just can't even believe that this person ended up here. haha I need to have more faith. 

Have a great week family!!!
Tracy and Eric

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