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Monday, January 12, 2015


So, my math is very poor, I still have 5 transfers including this one....so don't kick Tina out of my room just yet. I am very envious of the family, that looks like a very very fun vacation!!!

So basically, this week was awesome, we were a little afraid for Tracy because she had an issue that required her to be interviewed with a part of the Mission Presidency (Amanda can explain what that mean, basically question 4 problem) also, she was not very excited to keep the WOW (word of wisdom not world of warcraft) or acknowledge that prophets are called of God. But through prayer and fasting, it all came together. When she came out of her baptismal interview she was just radiating the Spirit, I could feel it so strong. Once again, it testified to me that I am nothing and God guides this work, every success we have is because he helps us. 

D&C 15, the most important thing we can do in our lives is strive for eternal life!!

I love you family, I am so sorry I didn't write more, I just ran out of time. aahhh!!! Pray for Tracy and Wu Si Yuan and Huang Qian!!! 

-Elder Burr
Frank, the one that got put in prison by Communists and planned to walk to Utah to be baptized
Honda Rebel 2015!!! Don't worry, I didn't ride it. buhefa

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