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Monday, May 26, 2014

Ghetto Justice

Got in my first car accident. But don’t worry! It wasn’t my fault. We got rear-ended in the hood so we were little scared the guy was going to whip out a 9mm when we asked for his registration, but he was a friendlier black-guy than most. But it was really funny, because he gave us a call a little later and was laying down some ghetto rationalization, " No need to call the Pohlice mahn, I know I guy, he can fix you right up, I got the cash so hard, let’s put do this right now son, no need for the poh-poh." 

It’s funny how hard it is to talk to everyone sometimes. I have noticed it is so much easier to do it in a 2nd language, but we just don’t have enough Chinese people here so I do it a lot in English. But a blessing I found with talking to everyone, (besides spreading the gospel) is that through contacting as many people as I can, (we have to do 20 people a day) my mission becomes so much more interesting!! I have talked to some crazy people and I have talked to some really amazing people. I mean, my mission isn’t exotic or super foreign and that is something that has always been in the back of my mind, but it’s cool to walk down a street and contact Muslims, Jews, atheists, Koreans, Chinese, black, Latino, whites. I swear, my testimony has been more challenged street contacting than any lesson I have had.

I hope the family has fun this summer! It is so cool that Mom is learning all this cool college knowledge. Spending all my time at USC makes me remember how much I have forgotten and how hard it will be to start school up again. 

DAD find some pictures of you and Brother Michael Stanely from back in the day. 
That is so cool that Mom sent the missionaries to her home, keep at it Mom! I bother and anger people every single day, but so many stories of persistence and love unfeigned lead to success!

I hope the family is going to take an awesome camping trip this year!! Maybe to Goblin Valley?? If you do, take some pictures for me. 

I had a chance to go down to the Palos Verdes Chinese Branch this week because they had a baptism so I got to see Regina!! She was so happy and so relaxed. She still feels like church is really long, but it was so cool seeing the whole branch take care of her, asking if they could hold her kids for her and stuff. Her husband still doesn’t support her but she is so solid. 

Chen Bowen was the very first Chinese contact I had a USC and now he is on the path towards baptism. He is so humble and so awesome and so very good at ping pong. 

I love you guys so much! Thanks for everything!

Elder Burr
May 8th CLAM International Zone Conference

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