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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Transfer Day

Ahhh no time, so sorry family. It is transfer day and it has been nuts! Ahhh guess where I am going....USC Chinese!! After 7 months in Torrance I am moving out. I have never been so sad my entire mission. And what a way to go out, Leo’s baptism was so powerful. He did not want to bear his testimony at it, he was so scared, but there was a mistake and it got put in the program anyway, and so I told Brother Chen not to announce it, but President Hsiong announced it anyways, so he ad to do it and it was so powerful and sincere!! Elder Yang's first baptism too, I wanted to make it super special for him so I let him get in the water. It was such an intense dunk, everyone in the chairs screamed because the splash was so loud and intense, then they all looked at me were like " did you teach him that??"" But it was super spiritual. Love you all!!

ps: Happy Birthday Mellisa, Leo got baptized on your birthday.

Elder Burr
Leo's Baptism

Birthday cake all around

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