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Monday, April 21, 2014

20/20 Vision part 1 & 2

Hey, it’s been a super weird birthday in the mission. It feels weird being out here. So we have to go to a lesson right now with Leo, he should be getting baptized soon!! We have some cool stories to share but I ran out of time. Thank you so much everyone for the birthday love. Grandma & Grandpa, Tori and the parents and Amanda. I am filled with gratitude that you all really do remember me!! I bought a tie bar today and I am feeling pretty good!

love, Elder Burr

WAIT! So it turns out I actually have more time to write a letter because we went to the church to play basketball and the family history library was open so I will just finish my letter!

So we just barely came back from our lesson with Leo! It was so awesome, so spiritual. In his closing prayer he said, " lord, please give me strength and faith to endure to the end, to become a better person, and to become more perfect, like you." This is the atonement. I am so privileged to teach Chinese people, because most the time, they never know who their Heavenly Father is! And when they learn the gospel lessons, they just have so much more peace in their life, so much more understanding in all things. So, Leo will be baptized the 27th, confirmed the 4th, and then leave for Guang Zhou on the 9th. It’s like an hour away from Hong Kong, so I hope we can contact some members their and help him out. 

BUT we are a little worried about his sister, Regina. So, everything was going good with the lessons and the baptismal date, but then, during relief society like 2 weeks ago, someone made a comment that they thought was a joke, but it ended up hurting her feelings really bad. And now she is questioning how good the church really is....but Leo was like "these are girl problems, I still now the church is true!"
But super cool miracle, so we didn’t even know that this happened, and like two days after it happened, we ended up going over to her house with 2 sisters that came last minute, like literally last minute, they were driving back from China Town and they just came by. And it just happened to be the only two sisters that speak Cantonese, which is Regina’s first language. Super sweet!!

k have to go for real, love you all, bye!! Turns out this place closes at 4:30, can’t win them all!
Leo and Me

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