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Sunday, December 1, 2013


(post-dated 11-18-2013)
Ahh, I missed last week!! Veterans Day is shutting down all the libraries. Well we had the Baptism for Liu Batal. He pulled up in his brand new whip ( Kia Soul), we are trying to convince him now to hurry up and have a baby with his wife so he can get residency and a real job so he can come to church on Sunday, but citizenship means taxes so..... DUDE Chad Lewis fireside, he came to our branch and snapped a pic of us together check your smart phones mom and dad and told him to shoot you a picture message. He spoke in Chinese at the Visitors Center, it was a  good one, we had two families come, 1 who are investigating and 1 who we are trying to get started.
We are now a companionship, Elder Bergeson's 2 years are up and now it is just Elder Bowman and I. He is so funny, he gets under so much stress and paces with his fist clenched. Real though, I will record a video one time.
We got 2 new chinese Elders and they split UCLA and USC into two areas, they said we will have a total of 10 Chinnese elders by Feb.
AMANDA thank you so much for the books, I have been slamming Phase 1, my goal is to du wan and du bei by the end of next transfer, your characters looked so good on the package and a rofllolzed at the toothpaste! Hei ren!! so racisit! thanks for the stickers, one of the baptisms in the branch in like 2009, the guy started investigating because he read the sticker on an elders scriptues, I put it on my  Jing wen de he zi and flash it all the time. If you need anything in 'merice just tell me, I will look for a sweet kolby bryans jersey to send you ..BALLIN
DAD Sick beard!! dont get kidnapped by the cartel....or lamanites...but if you do get kidnapped by lamanites ( like limhis people) just give them some drugged up wine, they fall for it everytime!!
MOM Thank you so much for the conversion story, people always ask me so many questions about you and I never know what to say ( uhhh from hong kong, tun mun, last name lai) but now i can totally go off and brag about you. So many Chinese people say, " you are young, and you have had so much time to believe in God, I am too old and have not believed for so long, I cant change" They can change!!!
TORI Good luck w/ the kids at home! thanks for the dear Elder! I eat alot of beef noodle at this place called Sues Kitchen,  its pretty authentic. but i have not gotton to the mighty wings yet!! Did you ever finnish those online classes??
Everyday every hour we are doing Mathew 10:7,8 and as you go preach saying The kingdom of heaven is at hand.
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.
Sometimes I get pretty down on the mission. But like dad said, you have to start everyday like its a new one. I have to always remember that I have been called to do these things!! ^^^^ < those are arrows pointing to the scripture. Not only that, but the Lord wants to give me these blessings too. I love you guys!
Elder Burr

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