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Monday, December 9, 2013

I'm in trouble deep ... and I'm keeping my baby

AHH, sorry my subject liner is so wordly!!  But my comp failed the driving test!!!! So, no exchanges for me.  I will stay in my area until, my dreams of pillow fights and scripture-box making up North won’t be accomplished for the next year, or so. (On average, a Chinese Elder will spend a year in his first area) 


MOM - GONG XI - GONG XI - GONG XI !!  I am so happy that you can sleep now!! and in your own bed, not on the couch!  You are so dang smart. All the Chinese people here like to talk about their masters in blah-blah and I always say, “Well my mom has a Masters in Mathematics".  Mom, I have shared your conversion story at a lot of our dinner messages. Thank you so much!! I know it will help inspire members to bring friends to English Class, so we won’t get the ax. Our mission has been trying to focus on Deep Faith and High Expectations.  And I believe that is how you and Dad raised us and I thank Heavenly Father every day that I had a family that taught me the Gospel and made me who I am today and gave me the tools to obtain my own testimony. I think I just miss you guys.  It’s not good for greeny missionaries to come out so near the holidays.  But hey, I am done with my training so I guess I am not greeny anymore. 

So, Mia (the 19-year old from China) and went with us to a YSA activity on Thursday, it was super weird wearing jeans and playing frisbee on a Thursday at 8 o clack in the evening. It is hard, I have noticed, to get young adults into the Church??  Here is how most people think it should go 1yr-18yr high school 19-25yr college and $$$ 25-35yr fun and $$$ 35-death family time. AAAHH but we just have to continue to believe that true doctrine will change people! Bottom line, this is true, that’s it.

HEY my friend Hailey Twede (Hayden’s girlfriend) got her mission call to Russia, could you give her a congrats for me!!!

I told you guys.  I TOLD YOU the visitor’s center is where conversion can happen. We took Samson and Tiffany there yesterday, they watched God’s plan for his family and everyone just started feeling the spirit and it was so wonderful. They have a date for Jan 5th now. Neeto Gang!! Samson said something that really touched my heart. When we were teaching him the Law of Chastity and he accepted to keep it, we asked why?  And he said something on the lines of, “with the gospel, I don’t feel forced with anything, it just comes natural. I look at you guys, and it’s just a part of your life, and I want it to be a part of my life." This is truth. We lived with God in heaven, we know this is what he wants for us, in our heart and in our souls!! The Gospel is who we are, everything else in life is an appendage. I know most of our investigators don’t understand this and I know for pretty much my whole life I didn’t understand this. But it’s a process, understanding and know our Heavenly Father is a process and that’s why I am so happy. God gave us a perfect plan where we have the Atonement of Christ!!  

Have a wonderful Christmas!! Please go skiing as a family for me and send a pic!! The only thing that gets me to sleep at night is thoughts of powder.

I am bummed I won’t be able to watch Mr. Kruger’s Christmas with you all, or put up the lights. I bet Braden will have fun with it!

MOM thanks for the Chinese class Christmas music!

Thank you for the Christmas qian!!

Love you all!!

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