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Monday, December 2, 2013

chu chu mau lu ( 1 1 2 2 )

Funky Fresh Week!!
So this week was Thanksgiving, I tried my hardest to make a voice recording, but my mind kept rambling on into nonsense. I will compose myself and send one next week.
Wow, Thanksgiving has gone and went on now its Dec...WHAT  THE!! Hey is Eric Taylor home from his mission yet?? (rambling on into nonsense?)
So for Thanksgiving, we went to Christopher Tungs house, he is pretty crazy....he is like 45 and the craziest. He gets really depressed and stressed over lttle weird things. His house got struck by lighting and that sent him into months of sadness. BUT he's all good now and he tells us our fortune. So when we went over their, it was the first time that he had used his oven in 10 years. He cooked for us, and he never cooks, and I was so happy I got to spend Thanksgiving with someone that doesn't have anyone else to spend it with. It really was heart warming.
So, we found out some awesome news....2 awesome new's. So Liu DX got baptized 3 or 4 weeks ago, and now his wife wants to be bapized! So we have been teaching them together and it has been so good because not only does she understand super well, Liu DX, who has known about the church for maybe 3 or 4 months, is teaching right along with us!! I was talking about the atonement and how it allows us to return to Heavenly Father, and I finsihed talking and Liu DX said " ahh don't forget, it also overcame physical death that we could have ressurected bodies." AHHH I was so pumped on that. 
Also, so Samson and Tiffany, also an awesome pair of investigators. We were teaching Samson the law of chastity (this is the one we were scared for because they were co-habitating) TURNS OUT they are already married!! They legally sealed the deal in China at the beggining of the year, but they never had the marriage party with all the friends, and apparently that's when people think you are married in China so that's why they don't tell people they are married. So we just have to clear that with President and they should get baptized too!!
ALSO, the teacher we TA for at the Chinese School every Saturday, her daughter moved here from China. And last Saturday the teacher pulled me aside and said, "I think religion is good for my daughter, I want her to be baptized." !! So it's just miracles, it is a work of miracles!!!
Wow, I feel so blessed right now, it's weird, during the experience you don't understand how amazing it is. And as I look back it's just so awesome!! I know I haven't done anything to help these people, it has all been the Lord and his Spirit and his true gospel.
Also, I have been meaning to tell you, my companion. Elder Bowman, his familly lives in Alpine, maybe you should drop by.
Love you all.
Dad; sunsets here are pretty good, I'll snap some pics if I'm near the ocean
Mom: Wo hui wei ni zuo qidao
Tori: ahhhhhh! I don't know!!! Let me think about it !!
Love you all,
Elder Burr

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