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Sunday, December 1, 2013


First things first! We are having Thanksgiving with a 40 something-year-old, millionaire bachelor, who is also A FORTUNE TELLER!!! So I need to know the hour I was born so I can figure out how many gold, metal, water, wood, and fire is in my future (??????) 

Ahh, the first holiday away ( yeah, forget you Halloween). Just like Dad said, I'll be saying " ahh man, what is it like to be out for Thanksgiving? and BAM its here ".  I'll wonder what is it like to be out here 6 months and BAM its here. Time flies. Really, we do not have enough time in the day. Maybe because we are in the car all day. I hate being in the car, it is like an invisibility shield, you can't talk with anyone. BUT I get to listen to Amanda's CDs ( THANK YOU!! SO MUCH. wo hen ganji) 

So, the thing I have to be so impressed with is our investigators Samson and Tiffany. Tiffany was the one that original made them come to a Christian church and Samson was like " yeah whatever, I'll go along with it." But he is totally starting to change, last Sunday, Tiffany was sick so Samson came by himself, and the next time we met, Tiffany was said, "I thought he was joking when he left the house and said he was going to Church, but he came back and he said it felt so good!!" And then that week we taught them "Keep the Sabbath Day Holy" and that jazz. And that Sunday he got slammed with a work emergency and he couldn't go to the first 2 hours of Church. BUT THEY CAME TO THE LAST HOUR and when they got there he told me " yeah, Tiffany didn't want to come because she thought we were too late, but I said WE HAVE TO GO ITS A COMMANDMENT!!! awesome!! It just stinks they are co-habitation.....but they should get married.

That is cool that Mexico was awesome, back to the USA. The government being in the tank has been a strange blessing to us. All the funding got cut from the Adult Schools in the area so they all shut down, now the ESL students there have to come to our free English class!!! I'm scared though, since Los Angeles is always looking for reasons to riot. English Class is probably the best part of the week. Gu TaiTai is straight out of China and she is so sweet and kind, she lost her mind with excitement when she learned the word 'yep' haha but dang, if we don't get more investigators from English Class, Pres is going to shut us down ;' (    

I guess that means more advertisements and more prayer. ALSO we went to the LA temple, that one is sweet. The inside is wild. Whenever we tell people about the temple they will be like " oh, that big building with all that grass" people in LA downtown never see grass. Hey, may I recommend going to the Visitors Center in Salt Lake City. They really are sacred places, people are converted and receive a change of heart from those places. 

Well love you all so much!! 

Elder Burr....out

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