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Sunday, July 19, 2015

stuff, stuff, stuff

So much stuff be going on!! baby blessings, wedding prep, new canopies and fence posts in the backyard!!

Time has just been flying by. It makes me think of my first transfer. I felt like my first transfer was like 6 months long. But after that it was super super fast.

So our golden investigator turned golden brown because he told his mom that is in china about learning and she flipped. She was going to like have him deported to make sure he didn't get baptized. ahhhh, he was going to be baptized and confirmed on my last Sunday!! but don't worry, continue in faith and good things will come. 

I can feel the Lord has a reason for me being here in this time in July, it may be to meet certain members here, it may be to teach certain people here, I don't really know, but I am praying to find out and working to find out. 

Congrats again to Amanda!!! I hope you have chocolate fountains and Coke in glass bottles galore at your wedding!!!

I had my last ZTM and Zone conference this past week, they were both really emotional. Its hard to express in an email how grateful I am that I came out.

But hey! I love you guys! Imma keep hittin that pavement! You guys keep hittin those scriptures and get those Korean girls baptized! talk to Jake Westbrook, he served in Korea and should be back by now!

love you! 

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