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Monday, February 24, 2014

I am finally a real missionary

Alright, I am still not a real missionary BUT I did real missionary things, like walking. So our car got snatched up by the mission home, so we were car-less for 3 days. And considering we cover half the mission and part of the Long Beach Mission, it was pretty interesting what we could do. I learned that the public transportation is super unreliable, Jehovah Witnesses come out on Saturday, and homeless become your friend if you give them granola (thanks Hayden) but it was super liberating to just get out and use my God given feet and my earthly father given Johnston & Murphys (thanks pops). I mean, I only talked to about one Chinese person the entire time, but I got to talk about the Gospel a fair amount and get some referrals for other missionaries so it was time still well spent.
We went to the Visitor Center with Wu Ji. He should still be baptized on the 15th of March. He had a Sabbath Day problem, but when we were at the Statue of Christ, and we could all hear his words from the Bible and the Book of Mormon, the spirit was just so strong and Wu Ji was like " it’s too much, I know I have to keep the commandment, I can’t not keep them, it’s what God wants me to do and He loves me so much, I just have to." It was super cool, He is a super awesome guy. Thanks you English class!!!
This morning, I read D&C sec 120 and 121, it’s about Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail. I guess for the past 2 weeks I have been feeling a little sorry for myself, these passages of scriptures really helped me. Heavenly Father gets really intense with the Prophet, like really terrible things will happen to him, and the Lord just ends it so strong, "The Son of Man Hath descended below all of these. Are you greater than he?" I was just bought to tears, Christ really did suffer everything, everything. Every possible thing that happens in our life, in our families, on the news on the other side of the world, whatever. He felt it all, for us. I am so grateful God gave me so many opportunities to remember this. I mean I have his name on my chest, I should remember it every second of every day. But just feeling my testimony get strengthen, is such a miracle to me.

Thank you for all the love!! I love you guys so much. Hey Dad! Learn some Cantonese and go to TRC! Lay Hou Ma? 

Elder Burr

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