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Sunday, February 23, 2014



So, I guess I should do some explaining' of what went down last week. So I was hanging out with Elder Lee, we had just POWED some MIAN, and warmed up some spicy tofu. We were super excited to have a relaxing P-Day and do some preparation to tear our area up, when I get a call from the AP's, so the first thing he says is, " Elder Burr, I’m going change up your day a little bit. And I start telling him, " don’t you do it! don’t you do it Elder Pollard!!!" and he is just like ,"BAHM your training!" aaahhhhh never a dull day in the CLAM. So my new comp is Elder Yang, I would send a pic, but I think he hates me so it’s not a good time for us to be standing that close to each other. so maybe after some love unfeigned and pre-bedtime hugs, I can manage a smile out of this lug. So he is 18 years old, straight out of Taiwan, when he was 14, he was the 2nd best League of  Legends player in Taiwan ( a videogame) so maybe we can finally convert all those Asian gamers we have been running into! 

So, our area, we finally got to make Terresa an investigator!! I have known her on and off since like my 2nd month in the field. What drove her to us was she found out a co-worker was practicing Voodoo and felt like her Agnostic ways didn’t quite offer her any protection, but hey! People have started investigation over stranger things.

Our new apartment is really spacious. It’s nice and old, like a church, whenever I shower, I feel like I am showering at John Hancock Charter School. There is like some Chinese secret Christian society that works across the street from us, we are going to barge in, Book of Mormon in hand and what not. Probably something a little more subtle. It is so terrible to run into Chinese people with a Christian background, because I couldn’t Bible bash in English, let alone in Chinese. A little old Taiwanese lady told Elder Yang he was going to burn in he-double hockey sticks but I was talking with some nice ladies from Beijing about English class so I am still in a state of innocence. 

So I gave a talk in the English ward last Sunday, it was about the family history work, I am so grateful mom sent me that story so long ago!! But I shared a scripture that I feel like affects us on a much broader scale, it’s in D&C 64:33 and it says “out of small things proceedeth out that which is great." So I really love this because, on my mission, and looking back on my life during late night mind TV time, my biggest problem is rationalization of little things. I would have this mindset that in the percentage of the world, there was going to be some bad that would have to happen and that it was alright for me to add to it because everybody else would add to the good. Little mistakes that didn’t even lead to bigger mistakes. Little mistakes that just stayed there. that become habit and rote. I realized my small mistakes, that I have every excuse to commit, were holding me back so much. And I know that God is so happy when we stop our little mistakes. Because He knows we have a million reasons to keep at it, but that our trust and love for Him is greater than them all. He is so happy. We really do express our love for God when we keep the commandments. 

I love you so much! Thank you for the valentines candy dad and grandma and grandpa and SISTER ARNOLD!!! I will give the candy to the nicest or craziest hobo I meet, whichever comes first. 

Tote Zeins
Elder Burr 

P.S. my comp wants the Best 2 Years soundtrack, this can be a peace offering!!!! 

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