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Monday, March 3, 2014


HELLLOOOOO!!!( Mrs. Doubtfire voice),

I still cannot believe I have not seen and contacted and preached to a celebrity yet. I need Robin Williams to be a Boy Scout Troop Leader! I feel like I just described the plot of a summer family friendly comedy.

So it rained a lot! That was cool. It was a nice chance for a change up of weather and for service! Holding umbrellas for our English Class students.....but no one came so I didn’t get to hold it for everyone....BUT THATS ALRIGHT!!

Wu Ji is on his way!! I am so excited for him, put it on the calendars, March 16th!! He is such an awesome, loving, simple, sweat wearing man. He is so humble and relies on the Lord and is so late to all the dinner appointments with members. We had a dinner together with the Huangs at 5:30, so I told Wu Ji to be there at 5:00 in preparation for him being late and he shows up at 6:15! It was pretty funny, the Huangs took it in stride.

The most spiritual experience I had this week was teaching the Recent Convert lessons to Darren and Wenqi. All I did was ask them questions like "Why does God wants us to have the Gospel?" "Why did the Gospel need to be restored?" deng deng. Just to review and stuff. And hearing their responses and hearing their testimonies of the restored Gospel, was so powerful!! I can’t believe how much they have grown.

Testimony meeting in Church was awesome too! The guys started talking about video games and Half-Life, but it was still so spiritual. BUT the best part for me was when Tiffany shared an experience where she had a friend that couldn’t have a baby. And Tiffany then told her friend that God loved her and wants her to be happy and she will pray for her to have a baby. And like 3 or so weeks later, Tiffany’s friend successfully conceived (is that the right terminology??) It was such an awesome story of trust and faith, but what really, really touched my heart was that I realized, Tiffany knows that God wants us to be happy and she knows that everything we receive in life is from God, with the sole purpose of making our lives better. Everyone needs to know this, everyone in the WORLD!!!

We had the chance for a mini-missionary this week. It was pretty cool and President Weidman told us to look for miracles. The entire mission, it has been hard for me to understand miracles. I pray for them every day and I know with all my heart that God can do it, but a lot if things have not worked out with people that really need it, like Mia and I don’t really understand why. But it was cool, this week, so we had a pretty lame weekend with the mini-missionary. I really tried my best to give him an opportunity to see a miracle, but nothing really happened. But the last house we visited, the very last one. As we sat on that porch, I was praying on the inside that something would happen. So Lewis Hong opened the door. An American born Chinese that speaks perfect English, he is like 30 something and Buddhist. We didn’t go in and teach, but he said we could come back next week. Next week we will visit him and he may or may not be home. But I know God opened that door, and I know that he answered my prayer, in His own way, for my own good.

Love you guys so much!!

P.S. haha thanks mom for sending me a Taiwan travel guide so I know how much cooler Amanda's mission is!! haha JK LOLZ!!

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