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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

LA here I come

Cool last week!! I have to say I am really happy with the MTC experience I had, I got to see two Apostles, General Conference, priesthood session, tons of amazing devotionals, and this group from BYU called Vocal Point performed and they were so awesome and spiritual. Because they all got off their missions like three years ago, while most of the other talk givers got off their missions then fought in the Civil War. 

Well, I step onto the Front Runner at 3:30am this Wednesday, I guess I’m as prepared as I'll ever be. I am so excited to have a new start in this mission. No one knows anything about me, I can be the person I have always wanted to be. You know what I mean?? I can change my attitude and personality to that of what I have always personified. But oh man am I scared to speak the language, but hey, I can either have faith in the Lord or not. I would much rather have it me and my comp and the Lord vs THE WORLD than anything else. 

But dang, thanks to General Conference, all the members are going to be pumped out of their minds to help us, I’m super excited to have us all be untied in one heart and one mind ahhh!!!   Well, I can’t wait to start sharing the real deal stories!!

Love you all

Elder Burr 

Sister Skillings arrives at the MTC

Missionary handshake greeting
The District

Not sure what to say

Cooped up for too long

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