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Monday, October 14, 2013

I've flown the coop!!‏

Oh man, I don’t know how I got away with this, but somehow, I am in LA!  Dang, you guys want a run-down of my past couple days???  You do?  Alright here we go!! ( man, if I didn’t have so much playful banter in my emails, I would get done a lot faster, but then where would the spice be, ahh I’m doing it right now!)

So first celebrity sighting!! I saw Mitt Romney....but it was at SLC so doesn’t quite count yet. So, I take the plane here, right, and guess who I sit next to...I’ll tell you who, Bernadette Carovo. Who is that you ask, but my first investigator.  The entire plane ride I gave her the first lesson and she was so receptive, she said she had to hold back tears when we talked about Christ and the Atonement. ahhh I gave her a Book of Mormon, and saw her off but that’s as far as I could go because I had to give her info to the English missionaries.

So, I get to LA, and it’s sweet!  The Mission is split up into Chinese A and Chinese B. My companions and I (elder bowman and elder bergesen) are the only ones in Chinese B and only 2 elders are in Chinese A, so we only have 5 Chinese Elders for a city of 7 million people. But dang, I am in the city of Torrance and Ranchos Palos Verdes, and it is pretty ritzy. The branch is awesome, they feed as a ton of food, like 4 or 5 times a week we are out with members. Teaching has been pretty sporadic, our branch has not had a baptism in 2 years, BUT that’s all going to change!  We have to build a relationship with them so they trust us with their referrals. So far I have only taught 2 less actives and given 2 dinner thoughts and tried to contact at our English Class ( the craziest people show up to English class, this one guy brought some nice polo ralph Lauren underwear for the Elder and some old pizza hut, he also had a bald spot that he covers with this spray-paint stuff) but those are my kind of people, they get me!!!

This week we will be teaching some real investigators and I can’t wait for that. Contacting is hard though, we drive a ton. Oh yeah!! I am the main driver because Elder Bowman doesn’t have a license and Elder Bergeson got in an accident and got revoked. So just cursing around in the ford focus all day, racing lambos. Well I got to go, love you all!!
Elder Burr

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