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Monday, September 16, 2013

Wo Ai Everyone


Another week! I have 2 more weeks of normal stuff and 1 week of weird stuff and 3 days, and then I am peacing out to the land of Ice Cubes and Tom Bruise!! I'm finally going to get plugged into the social pipeline!! ( name that terribly, worldly movie) 

I gave my first priesthood lesson as zone leader, it went swell!! Teaching in unity is something Elder Matao and I got to work on, but he has a lot of thoughts he's got to get out of that poly body of his! 

AHHH! We get 5 new elders and 4 new sisters this Wednesday. Two of them are international so I will pick them up Tuesday and then show them the ropes, tell them the best places to sneak naps.....NOT! ( lead by example) 

We have this one Elder in our district who is the holiest of holy, of course his name is Elder Sweeten, cause he is so sweet, he has his own Mormon Message and everything ( it's called fulfilling your Duty to God) so anyways, he has never had caffeine before and we smuggled in six caffeinated DP's and were trying to get him to drink it for like and hour! It was way funny at first, but then I felt kind of bad after. 

We received a new Elder in our room, he looks exactly like the kid from Up. He already knew Mandarin coming into the MTC so they sent him to learn French and his French District left so he is with us now. He is nice and soft to say the least, I'll get a picture with him.

We had a pretty wild discussion with the French Tri-panionship in our dorm. They have for a long time been wasting study time to go and talk to Sister Missionaries or watch Mormon Messages. So we had a heart to heart with them, that evolved into just a testimony meeting of why we are here and whose time this is. The conversation made me realize, that as of right now, every missionary in the world is living the highest law ever, the law we will live in heaven, the Law of Consecration. EVERYTHING that is being done is the Lords. Whether its the time spent, or any success I have, or anything I learn, is from the Lord. These next 23 months are so precious, I will never have this opportunity again, and I hope and pray I will not have any regrets at the end of it. That I can pray to Heavenly Father and he can tell me "well done my good an faithful servant."

The 'everything' talk made us all also think about Jesus Christ, and his sacrifice for us, that it was everything ever done and everyone. He loves and sacrificed for everyone. Whether the person has screamed with every fiber of their being, that they don't believe in God or that they hate Christians and Jesus Christ. Our Savior still atoned and suffered for them. And I am so grateful for Amanda, and her example of truly seeing people through Christ's eyes, like the beetle-nut dealer. 
I love you all so much!

Elder Burr

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