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Monday, September 23, 2013

Chinese Accent

First things first...MOM!!! We didn’t haze a new Elder!!! I am not a trying to turn the MTC into a frat house!! Although you are right, I should not have pressured the Dr Pepper onto Elder Sweeten, thank you for keeping me in check.

Anyways!! This week we got to welcome the new Elders and Sisters. It was the craziest experience because only 7 weeks ago Elder Montierth and Elder Sanford (my first zone leaders) were showing where the laundry room is, where I eat, where the best studying bungalows are!! Ahh, So we have 4 elders and 4 sisters in the zone now and they are just the best. I'm happy the Sister Training Leader is the one who handles all the Sister because there is one new Sister who is crazy, in the sense she is always ditching her companion and chest bumping Elders, and they have another crazy sister, who is crazy in the sense she wore a snake skin dress her first Sunday, BUT WHO CARES because they are missionaries and they are set apart and they have a mantle on them. Amanda was so right when we said that we were called to our places for our personalities and we have to hone those traits if we want to find and teach our pre-earth life pungyoumem (Friends!!) 

We got a new investigator today, and I can’t understand her Chinese at all! (well I can’t understand most Chinese) but hers is way slurred, what’s up with that Mom?!? What kind of accent am I going to end up with?!? 

I snuck into a video that the church put onto the LDS Newsroom website. If you want to see what I have become, you can check it out, it’s in the gym, I’m in the back, being sporty and what not. 

I have two weeks left and it’s blowing my mind!! I am so excited to go because I have been here for so long, but I am scared to go because my Chinese is terrible and I need to know more!! But in a way, it’s always like that. The world keeps turning and the world keeps becoming worse and worse, and whether we are ready or not, it’s going to come at us. We have to use what we do know, the gospel truths that are etched into our hearts, the simple yet prophetic truths that we have learned since we were kids (god loves us, he has a plan for us etc. etc.). Because I can only say things like that in Chinese, but they are so powerful and so life changing. 

I had an awesome time going to the Temple, I hope I still get to go when I’m in the field. I realized today that God put so many things on this earth that he didn’t have to, like sunsets and tigers and peaches. God is all knowing, and nothing he did was by chance. I know he knew that we would love these things that they would make his children happy. And then I though about Satan, and how he is so angry, that the only thing he can actually do, like physically, like his entire purpose in ever action he does, is to bring terror and pain unto Gods Children, his own brothers and sisters. He is so tricky, and we cannot allow him to deceive us. We have to remember that we have this beautiful world and that everything in it is from God and that every little tiny thing in it that brings us joy and happiness is from Him. 

I love you all, every day I try and try and try to make you proud, to be worthy to be called your son, friend, and brother, whatever it is.

-Elder Burr

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