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Monday, September 30, 2013

Don't you just love phantom planet!!

First things first, who is the child actor, he played a small role in some movie I can’t peg, he had blonde shaggy surfer-dude wavy hair, blown back, dominant forehead, his small role was to annoy the main character, possible Arnold Schwaranegger I don’t know, but if you happen to see this description, tell me, because its driving me nuts!!

Anyways, haha dad I don’t know if I ever thanked you for the Dumb and Dumber quotes, haha Elder Cluff and I had a good laugh over that! I got my travel plans! I leave at 4:30am Wednesday!! My flight leaves at 8;30 and I make it in LA at 9:30am. I don’t know if I have a chance to call home, but I will get a calling card and if I can I’ll try. Ahhh the last week is so hard!! Trying to focus and not letting your language plateau have been the biggest challenge! It’s going to be hard leaving my district, I feel like since I spend 2 months of my life, where I was so exposed and emotional and have grown so much with them, it is crazy I am not going to serve my whole mission with them. I wonder what the field will be like. I’m scared to talk to real Chinese people! I'll tell you that much, I sound so weird when I talk Chinese, but hey, as my good friend Elder Schirmer told me "open your mouth and miracles will happen." Our call as Zone Leader got extended a week because we have some surprise Elders and Sisters coming in this Wednesday! What a blessing! Only 2 Elders though.... ;( and still no one going to LA. Hey, is the Chinatown in my mission? We had our last Sacrament meeting on Sunday (because of general conference) and we sang the new Sisters in Zion/Heleman’s Army song and it was crazy because we couldn’t finish the song because everyone was crying!! ahh it was just a mess, WHAT HAS THIS PLACE DONE TO ME!!! It has given me a little more facial hair though! With General Conference coming up and the rumors of women petitioning to get the priesthood and go to priesthood session, the speaker at our devotional addressed it. It make me think about how amazing sister missionaries are, how they are so hard working and how they only need a year and a half to do what take us guys 2 years. Also, that just because women don’t have the priesthood doesn’t mean they don’t HAVE the priesthood, the whole point of it is to serve others, to bless others’ lives, it does nothing for us really. I have never really had a chance to exercise my priesthood in blessing and stuff, I am excited to go out in the field and LOOK for opportunities to use this gift from God to serve others. To just use my life to serve others. It’s not even my life, its Heavenly Fathers.

I get one more P day before I leave, but every day feels like a salutation to the MTC, this stage of my mission is coming to a close, and in all reality, there are things that I wished I would have done different. I’m going to take this feeling and go into the mission field, and just try to consecrate my time and my decisions to the Lord, because then he will bless me. I hope and pray I can carry that habit into the real world, but hey that’s freakin far away so, I still have time to practice. Time is short, this is the life that matters, and I want to do it right!!! 

Love you guys!!

Elder Burr
Brother and Sister Tang
Elder Ng
Travel Plans!!

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