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Monday, September 9, 2013

Another day another doll hair


What a fun week, I’m probably just so excited because TRC went so good on Saturday (even though one of the ladies we taught was like a Tiger Mom that said, don’t spend so much time getting to know me, just teach AND get your grammar right!) But it was awesome because I just had a good amount of words flow! 

It was very sad to hear about Grandma Morgan, I was really lucky to see her before I came into the MTC. Tori and Amanda hit it right on the nose when they talked about how it was so good Mom made us perform for her at her house. I don’t recall high heels, although I do recall KFC, Popsicle, funny contraptions in her bathroom, awesome exercise things in the basement, and having the biggest birthday parties ever at the park. 

When I got that letter about Grandma Morgan, I thought about families and how lucky I am to have mine. And it was awesome because in class we had a discussion about our name badges. And when I looked at it I realized that I don’t have my name anymore. There are two names on the badge, Christ's name and my Family Name, Burr. I am representing not myself, but the two biggest things that shaped me, that made me who I am. I am so grateful for growing up in the family I did, I am so grateful for growing up in the Church, and I am growing to appreciate my heritage so much more. NOT THE LANGUAGE THOUGH (JK I like the language).

I am also really excited because for some odd reason, the Branch President decided to call Elder Mataoa and me as the Zone Leaders. I guess we just showed great leadership and regalia with our Hymn selection.  I am super excited for it because we receive new missionaries on the 18th and I will get to introduce them to MTC life and tell them all the things I wish I knew. I looked up to my Zone Leaders so much, I have been praying so hard that I can be the example they were to me. I think this will be really good for my companionship too, as the work was done one-sided in our last calling, but talking and getting to know people is much more Elder Mataos forte. It’s fun, I go around every night and I talk to everyone in the zone, and just be friendly with them, make them laugh, make sure they are doing fine.  I am a little worried though, because a few Elders in our district are very behind with their Mandarin, and I don’t know how to approach it. Five weeks ago I would have been just blunt and like “hey, get your act together idiot." But now I know that compassion and being meek and understanding is the only way to get to people, like Amanda said with her beetle-nut dealer. Guys, pray for me, pray I don’t fall asleep on the stand during sacrament, that I will know how to help the missionaries, that I will be able to learn more about Christ and his example and be like him. Aaahh! Teaching lessons to missionaries is so scary, every time, people just look to you for all the answers! BUT don’t worry, I am excited for it.

I have been reading John 16 a lot, I’m not sure why, but it’s just so kind and gentle. It is the Savior at his most comfortable I feel like. It really is true though, we are all his children and he knows all of us, through his atonement. I have seen that even though I butcher the Chinese, the spirit is there, and it will testify to people. They will hear his voice, like in John 10:4. We have all heard his voice before, in the past life, and I believe that people out in the field will remember it, when we share the gospel with them. I love you all so much.!!

Elder Burr

P.S. How is Lindsi doing? (I sent him Lindsi's letter but had not received it yet)

P.S.S. I forgot Wyatt is speaking Finnish, that is harder to learn than Mandarin. MORE MOTIVATION!!!

P.S.S.S Thank you for the Dear Elders, I love them so much, I always forget to respond to them, I will start doing that.
District Leader Keller, Zone Leaders Burr & Mataos

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