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Monday, April 27, 2015

Rap Rappidie Rap Rap

Dad is a lot more righteous than me. He puts hymns as the subject of his email while I put Kanye West lyrics....but it’s applicable!!!

So my birthday came.  Also, Happy Birthday today Missy!!! It was sweet, on my birthday I got to go on splits with the ASL Elders again. It was really awesome because I just got to think about others, no one knew it was my birthday, I got a chance to be real low key.

But later that week, I went to a Chinese restaurant with my comp and some people were speaking Chinese next to me, so I go to start talking and something terrible happened......I didn’t make any sense!!!! NOOOO!!!! Too much English!! We are so busy so language study is almost nonexistent. But don’t worry, I signed up for Chinese at BYU, hopefully intermediate is not too hard.

But oh man, this week was crazy in the Zone!!!! So at the beginning of the week, we united in prayer and we asked the Lord what was his goal for us on Baptismal dates. Then, we went to work and the Zone caught on fire!! This week we set 15 new Baptismal dates as a Zone. Considering we had been setting 3 or 4 new ones the last few weeks, this was a huge miracle!! Everyone was just so happy doing the work. And I loved that because a lot of the times, we try to find fun somewhere else, but it’s when we are working and fulfilling our purpose as servants of God that we are most happy!! It was seriously one of the coolest things I have seen on my mission. The Lord preparing people...a lot of people!!

It has just been an awesome week. For the past 4 weeks we didn’t get any investigators to  hurch, and this week at the beginning of the Sacrament we couldn’t see any investigators, so we just sat with a  less- active we brought (don’t get me wrong, they are important too) but then when it was over, we saw our investigator Wilmer in the back!!! Best surprise!!

I think the mission has just been happier this week, President even texted us and threw a hashtag at the end of it!! I was rolling on the floor laughing. I am finally starting to get the feel for the area, it is hard to adjust to this kind of teaching style, but hey, I am getting to know the Bible a lot better.

It is also cool teaching people of all walks of life. So we teach the Heiss family and the Sneed family. When I walk into their houses, I feel like I am walking into Grandma Morgan’s house, I can’t believe they are not Mormon! I feel like I am teaching Grandma and Grandpa when we meet hah. BUT then you go to the top of our area, and it’s just a bunch of apartments in a rougher part of town. We were teaching a guy with a bunch of scars from bullets all along his arm named Ulysses the other day. It is cool seeing everyone’s different situation, but seeing their same desire to find peace and joy in life. We all have worries, the worries sources differ from person to person, but they are still there. And we have the ultimate source of joy, Christ and His Gospel!! So grateful for that.

I have been meeting a lot of people that have the desire to be a better man. Father figures and examples are pretty slim here. Just contacting teenagers on the street is so terrible, they are harder to love than Bible bashers sometimes. The statement is so true, that only the Gospel can save the world from the calamity of its own self destruction.

Well that was a weird not to end on, but I am about to be kicked off the computer.

Love you all! Thanks so much for the birthday box!!

Elder Burr!!
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