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Monday, April 20, 2015

I was attacked....by some idiot in the projects

So, this week was real awesome. I went on an exchange with an ASL Elder that was super fun. I am afraid that I will have a deaf child because now I am feeling the promptings to learn ASL. But we visited a guy that lived in Watts. That was a pretty wild place. A large part of the neighborhood is government projects. They are all yellow and look the same and just go on forever.
Work is actually pretty tough in English. People just keep shutting us down man, but hey, we gotta press on!!!
Something that the Lord has been helping with a ton lately is love. I think for a little bit back, I got into the motion of things. I was letting duty be my driving force for the small, boring tasks of missionary, and not love. NOW I am turning around trying to have love for others and love for the Savior drive me for everything, no matter how small or boring. As I have been praying for this, I can really feel a change. It is cool how that works. Oh man, I think about before mission, how spiritual progression and bettering myself did not even cross my mind. I am so grateful for the time I have had out here and how it has taught me that if I want to make my Father in Heaven happy and fulfill the Plan he has for me, I must strive everyday to be more like my Savior.
I loved President Eyring’s talk on how when he was collecting fast offerings, the guy was mean to him and he didn’t know what to do and he realized he needed the Holy Ghost!! That was exactly what I needed because as the days move on, the more and more I realize that I usually don’t know what to do! He invited us to pray for it every day, pray for that constant connection of revelation. And I have seen it lately and it works!!
Well, I am running out of time and I still haven’t written President (DARN YOU BYU classes!!) so gtg. Love you all! Thanks for the birthday wishes! Give me career suggestions!!
Elder Burr

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