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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Life in Technicolor

Soooo, I am emailing on Tuesday because we went hiking on P-day to the Hollywood sign, and it took a lot longer than we thought. We all realized that this mission has made us physically unfit for these types of fun activities...but mostly it took so long because we had to wait so long for another companionship.

For sure the highlight of the week was Lorrie!! She is so elect and cool. Her major is game design, video game design. So she can talk to all the ward members about Assassin’s Creed, League of Legends, Deng Deng. She talked about how nice Church was and how she wants to make it a weekly thing because of the peace it brings. She is so awesome, #hastening

It is so crazy the stark contrast between her and some other investigators. With most people, it is SOOO hard to get them to do stuff. So much convincing and discussing and analyzing and sometimes even bribing goes on with people, just to get them to do the smallest commitments. But until they humble themselves and submit to the Lord, nothing really sticks!!

I was reading in the Old Testament, and in the story, the Joseph Smith Translation says, " and Pharaoh hardened his heart."  I realized that in my life and in my investigators lives, it’s always a choice to resist God. So what we have to do is soften our hearts, become humble and submit. And the best thing to soften a heart is the Spirit, and one of the greatest ways to bring that in is to have sincere care for a person. I know this principle applies to normal life to. No one should be forced or convinced or bribed to do anything, because it will just never stick. That's right up there with Satan’s plan. But when you do something out of a sincere love for that person, and they feel that, that's when hearts are softened and a lasting conversion or a change of heart takes place. You see process happen to some degree in a lot of people, but seldom does it fully take place....BUT when it does, it’s like Heaven. 

The name of the game right now is finish strong, and it is so much harder than I thought it would be. I could just feel myself just flying though those first 18 months, just getting out and working and learning, but for some reason I feel like I have hit a brick wall. BUT no worries, as things get better, they will get harder, it has been this way since the beginning. 

Finish Strong and Grow to the End!!

love you guys,
Elder Burr

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