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Monday, February 16, 2015

A little Idyll…a little wild

Saw that on a license plate, I feel like it describes my mission very well. 

TRANSFERS!!! I am leaving Santa Monica and heading back to USC and am back with my trainee Elder Yang. Put my life on repeat!! 

The 6 months in Santa Monica was probably the busiest time in my mission. It was super fun just doing work! Just preaching and finding and teaching. Even a little baptizing thrown in there. It was a happy time. This last Sunday was just super joy filled. Investigators at Church, everyone just having a good time. I will miss it for sure. 

Thank you for your prayers for Wu Si Yuan. I am sure he feels them. 

OH MAN!!!!! How did I not talk about this first! On Saturday, I had the huge honor of going through the Temple with Darren and Wenqi and to attend their sealing. It was just one of those 'I could die right now and my life would be complete' moments. Just seeing them both there and all the old members from the Palos Verdes Branch in the Temple together was just glorious! The only thing that could describe it was happiness! Darren and Wenqi looked super tired, but very very happy. They are just some of the most prepared most kind souls I have met on my entire mission. Also, just sitting in the sealing room with the Branch Members and President Lam ( he did the sealing) I just realized how much I love these people and how excited I am to see them and everyone else that I have met and seen join the Church, in Heaven one day! I know it seems a little cheesy, but it is a day that I truly believe will happen. It is a day we can all look forward to. This hope can get us through anything! Oh man, just seeing Darren and Wenqi progress this past year and half has changed me so much. It has truly made me realize that people are ready to receive the Gospel, and God will guide us to them. Darren and Wenqi also said they will have a baby soon! A baby that is born into the covenant is the best kind of baby!!

Mom, could you send me 2 temple recommend holders? That would be awesome!!

haha Tracy said the closing prayer in Sacrament on Sunday. She did it with her eyes open and thanked Heavenly Father for the year of Lamb and good stuff like that. She is awesome

I am excited to go back to USC, I never got to buy a souvenir last time, this is probably the main reason God guided me back here.

Love you guys!! 

Elder Burr
Chinese District

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