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Monday, August 11, 2014

Shred the Word

Oh no! It came! I can’t believe I have hit a year mark already, so much had happened in this year I can’t even believe it! And I still have so much more to go!

It was pretty interesting on my year mark. I had the opportunity to drive a missionary to the mission home. He was going home after 2 years. It made me think about how many more things I want to accomplish! He just kept saying 'I can’t believe it’s here, I can’t believe this is real life!!" He was such an awesome missionary, we street contacted together up until he had to go. He really helped me have a love for preaching, not just talking to people but PREACHING!! Teaching people the Gospel! It really is just so much fun doing this, it has been a blast doing this for the past year and I have no idea for what is in store for me.

Near and Bo Yi man!!! I performed my first saving ordinance of my mission. I confirmed Near a member and gave him the Holy Ghost. It was pretty sweet because I got to do it in Chinese, which was totally scary (wait Elder Burr, you have been out a year, you aren't fluent, whaaaa...(*o*)   ) hahaha anyways....yeah, the most important parts are the first three parts so I didn't mess that up. It says "And we say unto you receive the holy ghost." ahh man that was super intense!! But it was a really cool experience, and after the confirmation, they both gave talks and they were so good! Near said "before I came to the church my favorite character on 'Lost' was Sawyer, the bad boy, but now that I have come to the church, my favorite character is Jack, the man that helps others!!

It was sick! I am running out of time love you all !

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