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Monday, August 18, 2014

RIP Robin Williams

NOOOOO!!! Such a sad day, I was so shocked when I was told about that happening, but hey, at least now he is getting taught the Restored Gospel in the Spirit World.

Wild Week!! I exchanged twice back down to my old area. I had the chance to visit Regina! She is doing alright. She has not been to church in like a month because of the kids. But her faith is still really strong. Because I did not have the chance to go to her baptism and confirmation, the last time I saw her was when she was still a non-member and man, was the difference huge!! She just glowed. She really did. I could not believe how different she was. It was palpable!! The Gospel brings hope and light into a world that is lacking these things.

Also, another testimony of the Holy Ghost to me. Near and Bo Yi taught out Gospel Principles class this Sunday! They did so good! They too were also so different. As they spoke and shared their testimonies and taught us, they were just such different people. They were not the people that we had taught the missionary lessons to. When we make that promise with God, he really does bless us! God keeps all his promises! We should not fear or shirk from keeping the commandments or fulfilling our duties as a member of the Church. God will bless us right after for it! And if we let our love for the Savior be the motivating factor behind all our actions, then we will be so happy while we labor. This is something I am trying to learn on my mission. To let my love for the Savior be my reason for all the things I do and say.

Ahhh my District Leader got into a crash on our exchange, which means he might get his driving privileges revoked, which means that our companionships could get mixed up.

AMANDA!!!! Whhhaaaa!!! It is hard to believe that missions end, it seems impossible, but I guess it happens. I feel so nervous for her! Give Amanda a big ol' hug for me!!! ahh man, I miss all you guys! I can’t believe school is starting!

Regina and Baby Bob
GAO!!! He was so golden, but moved to Texas, he is in the Blue, and Shi Sui (recent convert of 5 months) is in the suit
Hair cuts from the Spanish Elders

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