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Monday, August 25, 2014

Hello, My Name is Elder ________

Hey Family! What happened to the update?? AMANDA CAME HOME! Whhhatt the!!  I feel like I am probably freaking out more than you guys! haha. LETS SEE SOME PICTURES!!  That was so cool that Brad and little old Carson went. I remember when those little guys came to my mission call opening. 

I liked that package that I got from the primary children! Thanks for that!
well, I am at a loss of words, so I am going to tag my companion Elder Cooper to finish this for me

Hello, this is Elder Cooper!  I am honored at the opportunity to address Elder Burr's family!  I am not sure what information Elder Burr wanted me to include, but I'll just let my feelings flow.  Here is a story about an investigator named Rambo (Chinese people choose strange English names).  We met him on USC campus the other day.  He was carrying one of those huge blow-up hammers that you get from amusement parks.  We stopped him and he got scared because he thought we were going to ask for his passport or something.  He didn't speak much English, so when we switched to Chinese he calmed down a little.  He said didn't have much to do that afternoon, so we invited him back to the institute, and we were planning on teaching a lesson, but when we arrived, he noticed that we were "Mormons".  He got a little worried, because apparently a friend had warned him that we were cannibals. He started running, but Elder Burr runs very fast.  We caught him before he could get away, tied him up, carried him into the church, and taught him the first three lessons and the Law of Tithing!  Golden!

He will be getting baptized this Saturday.

Other than this story, it has been a particularly average week.  Good conversations on the street, good lessons, and many new things learned. 

With mountains of love,

Elder Cooper

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