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Monday, January 20, 2014

We aren't always doing business, but we are always open

Missionary life is a lot like 7/11. (wait....7 days a week, 11 months out of the year???)

Sorry I missed last week, sometimes we really get caught up in cleaning and lose track of time.  This isn’t saying that I am becoming cleaner, but it’s that we are too messy and it puts us into a guilt driven cleaning frenzy!!

Dang it Amanda! You also put me into a guilt driven cleaning frenzy of my soul. Your emails of self-improvement motivate me more than Tony of P90X ever could! That talk is awesome,  " A Consecrated Missionary”.  I have never read the purifying one, I would love to read it though! Have you read the one by Elder Holland “Atonement in Missionary Work" or something like that.

So last Monday was AWESOME because the less active family, Suns, we have been teaching accepted to start reading the Book of Mormon again. This may seem like so little, but their improvement has been huge! Getting a less-active family back is so hard, it’s embarrassing and everyone knows, so when they take that leap of faith, and come back to church, they need to feel that love. They need to feel like they are coming home.

That reminds me of what Samson said....but before that!!  So, Samson and Tiffany are on fire! Their light is going forth unto all that are in the house! So we took them to a lesson with Darren and Wenqi.  Not even a week since they had been confirmed! And it was just crazy, Samson talked about how he felt that ever since he has been baptized, he has the responsibility to tell everybody about it! And Tiffany talked about how baptism is the start of a new life, a life wonderful in the site of God! This is true doctrine that came from the pure heart of a recent convert! We never taught them any of this. It just blew my mind and touched Darren and Wenqi and they both agreed to be baptized! Also, during the adult session of Stake Conference, the Stake President invited Samson to come up and bear his testimony. But it was an English meeting!! So he was super scared, but he just said the sweetest things, like the reason he came back to church the first time, was because he walked in and he felt like he was home. ( Not Jinx's home....right Amanda!!!) Now everyone in the Stake knows him and congratulates them. I am so excited to go through the temple with them in a year.   The Branch grows! We really have so much potential here, I really do not want to be moved this transfer.

This is the Lord's work, this is His Church, and it moves forward because a Prophet of God is at the head of it. We talk to people every day about how bad the world is, and in our hearts we know that the gospel is the cure. For every wrong, for every misdeed, for every tragedy caused by the selfishness or omission of others, the Gospel is the cure. I am so grateful I have a family that I am sealed with, in the temple and that we are all active in the Church. Thank you Mom and Dad!!

Love, your Son   

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