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Monday, January 6, 2014

It's all about AUTHORITY!!

I don’t have much time y’all, but I figured out real quick how to do Chinese characters on this computer so 爱你们 (what is this simplified business, I can’t figure out how to change it). Anyways, Samson and Tiffany’s baptism was yesterday woohoo!!!!! I could not believe it, it was the best day of my life! I was so lucky to see them from the beginning, from when Samson doubted if he could ever believe in a God because all he has ever known his whole life was that nothing was out there, to him bearing his testimony of how excited he is to baptize his future children!! They are both so amazing and funny. The place was packed, we called every single one of our branch members to make sure they everyone showed up! 

At the Baptism, I knew it was real conversion. I tried looking back to see where it happened, where was the shift. Was it going to the visitors center, was it them obeying the Sabbath day, was it Samson moving out, I really cannot see where the conversion happened. But at the baptism it was so clear, it was like night and day. After they went under then came back out and bore their testimonies, they were completely different people, they were clean of every sin because this is God’s true Church and we have that power and authority to act in His name and give these blessings to others.

At the Baptism I knew the priesthood existed, I knew the Spirit was there. It really was a Brother of Jared moment for me, I have no doubt looking someone in the eye and telling them from the bottom of my heart that through baptism, they will change and they will be so much closer to Christ!! I love it!

k got to scoot

-Elder Burr
Samson & Tiffany
This says it all!

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