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Monday, August 19, 2013


Thank you so much for all the care packages, they really do lift my spirits so much. I tried out the oils on my companions, (it's not what you think, his Mom gave him essential oils to help his companion stop snoring) I guess I shouldn't have done it when he was asleep because I just scared him awake!! The sweet rolls were awesome from Grandma and Grandpa, the Fantas were such a hit. I could have used them as currency for the black-market tie trading that goes down in the living quarters. We are not supposed to call them dorms because they are not supposed to have a dorm atmosphere, but they do anyways, it's a pretty wild place at night when everyone tries to wind down.
I saw Lindsi ..oh I mean, Sister Burr in the MTC cafeteria and it was awesome, she's going to kill it. She is so happy and optimistic. Being an English speaking missionary would make the MTC the bomb because all you do is eat awesome food and ice cream and play competitive dodge-ball and feel the spirit. It's like a 10-day spiritual vacation!! But I'm happy, I get to spend 55 more days here because that means I get 7 more Tuesday-night Devotionals which means I get to hear Apostles speak 7 more times. Last Tuesday, Elder Richard G. Scott talked to us and it was the wildest thing, I had never heard an Apostle speak like he did before, it was so personal and human. I mean, General Conference is awesome and all, but it's refined for millions, this was a talk just to us and it was raw and real. He gave us all a blessing that we would learn the language. The spirit was so strong, he was crying the whole time and he said he was emotional because he could feel the presence of his wife (who died 18 years ago) It was wild. I was thinking after, that her spirit was there because missionary work is so important. I'll bet there are souls in the spirit world just screaming for missionaries to teach their families in Peru, or Nashville, or Taiwan, or ......LA!!!!!! 

The language is coming a little better, I love all the letters you guys send, I will try to write back ASAP. I have been thinking a lot about prayer since I have been praying so much in the MTC (before I eat, before I study, before class, before we sing) and it's wild that God, who is perfect, powerful, the creator of worlds, Alpha and Omega, the Great I Am, and Jesus Christ, My Savior and Redeemer, The light of the World. These two amazing beings WANT to listen to me, some lowly human who knows not great doctrine wise and not a spiritual powerhouse, but just some guy. They want me to talk to them, and whenever I want to. I get to pray to them whenever I want to. It just goes to show how infinite and eternal their love is for me and all of Gods Children (Shen de Haizi) haha I'm learning something. Well, love you guys.

Elder Burr  
This tree smells like cream soda

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