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Monday, August 12, 2013

你好 !

Well Im in and there is no coming out. I cant believe dad was right, the MTC knocked me flat and my butt. I cried the 2nd night like a BABY!!! A little baby in its crib!!! My companion was nothing like i expected. Same with my district. So they are all pretty much from France and they are going to learn Mandarin, so its me and 4 frenchies in the room. Its been hard communicating with them which makes studying hard. They also have very European personalities so class is pretty loud and crazy. Its been hard to feel like a missionary. I want to be apart from my wordly ways and how i was and acted, and I'm trying to get that message across. Elder Mataoa or Ma Zhang Lao and i eeehhh we dont mesh perfectly, ill just say that. I want to love him so bad, I just get so ticked off at all these things that i bottle up inside and drive me crazy!! learning a language has been probably the hardest things, MOM IM SORRY I DIDNT PAY ATTENTION IN CLASSSSSS. Everyone here knows mom from the TRC stuff and they all yell at me like "Bu Bu on you for not learning" and im like I KNOOOWWWw. Thanks for the packages and stuff, it would be awesome if i could get some nasale decongestant and stuff. not for me, for my comp, he snores like a mama mia. A thing that i have learned from all this is that this whole mission is not about ME. I came into it thinking that MY testimony would grow and MY life would be blessed, but its all about the investigator. What ammon said " I boast not of myself, but in my God" Love you all I'm out of time!
Elder Burr 

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  1. Great email from Alex! I can't imagine the MTC while learning Mandarin with companions from France! That is challenging! Yay, Alex! He is doing a great job!