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Monday, November 10, 2014


The weather is getting crispier, just a like a Carl's Jr. $1 chicken sandwich.

Thanks for the package Mom!! And also thanks for all the Hostess snacks Grandma, it was like I was back at the cabin, sneaking into the pantry while all the Uncles and Grandpa are playing Hearts and Brads all like "shoot the moon Johnny!!" (I never did quite figure out how to play)
Whenever I tell people that I have a family of 8 and we are all active, they are super impressed. Keep it up Mom and Dad!! But don’t push too hard ; )
I was teaching our English class students a lesson on money and at the end I shared a message about how grateful I am that my parents and the Gospel taught me what’s most important. That titles like CEO, CFO, etc etc, are not the most important titles, but Father, Son, Brother, Grandson, Friend, these are the most important titles. Also what things are important to obtain. Not money, cars, or possessions, but spiritual experiences, knowledge, and family relationships. Our investigator QiQi (a single mom) was listening and she was very touched! It made me realize how blessed we are to have this Gospel. The things it teaches us and our families are so important!!! I really believe that there is no substitute, no other things that can teach these eternal virtues with such strength and conviction. It is very easy to take for granted this Gospel, I know I did before my mission, but as I share the things I know to be true and I feel the Spirit testify through me, I remember just how valuable this gospel knowledge is. BUT OH MAN! It is so hard to get other people to realize this sometimes.

The RC's in my area are doing well! They should be going to the Temple soon!
I like the Fall!! It is pretty much the same weather, not that much different. It is so weird just remembering what happened a year ago. In 7 days is the 1 year anniversary of Betal Liu being baptized. Things have been hard for him and his wife, they live far away from Church and it is hard to get work off because they are illegal, but they have been checking out English wards (even though they don’t speak a lick of English...diligence!!!)
Samson and Tiffany are still in China, they could be in Hong Kong by now. I will need to email him.
Darren and Wenqi are preparing for the temple in Feb!!
Leo is still in China, he is really from any branches, but I try my best to email him.
Regina is doing good! She has almost read the whole BOM but has a hard time making it to Church.
Near and Bo Yi are awesome, they are always trying to date the female INV's at USC.
Eric is also awesome, he will go to the Temple this month!
Love you guys!!
Elder Burr   

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