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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I got my BD back!!!

YES! The Bible Dictionary! I can continue my study of the battle of Gog and Maygog!! JK guys, I am not really all into that deep doctrine study, mostly because I am still trying to grasp the shallow stuff...haha my companion is writing a whole discourse on the lost/secret plates of the Jaradites.

Oh man, the nostalgia is coming in. The weather is getting a little crisper, and it is starting to remind me of the time that I first came into the mission. It really is freaking me out, my entire mission is going to go on repeat. I really don't want this to end! But don't worry, it is a long ways away, I am just dealing with the shock of the weather and after that I will be all good. 

This week we picked up an investigator, his name is Cao GeYang. SUPER COOL, he was just randomly contacted into, and it turns out that his cousin was baptized 5 months ago. His cousin is in Arizona and had been living with a Mormon family. Crazy!! I asked him why his cousin joined the Church, and he said it was because it gave him direction in life and friends! Dad, don't get mad at me for sharing this story, it may motivate Mom to get more foreign exchange students, but hey, if you go get a student, try to find one that has no friends and lacks direction in life. Ask the questions of the soul! (why am I here? where do I come from? Did we really land on the moon? Is Ronald Reagan still in office?) 

Everything is just traveling wayyyy to fast. BUT I love the influence that this Ward has been on me. What I have seen at this ward is that it is built on the foundation of some very solid converts! People are here that at one point were hard core atheists, anti-Mormons, non denom christioans, RLDS, it is so diverse. I really do love it. I know why Jesus commanded the apostles to go forth and preach to ever kindred nation and tongue, because this diversity makes the church so strong, that when the church is made up of people that fought and struggled to get here, it will be a church that will stand through all adversity, that won't fall into apostasy. I love that in the Bible, when the old prophets got discouraged because their dispensation was going to fall into apostasy, God showed him our dispensation, the LAST dispensation, that we will not fall, that we will stand and flourish, and I have seen that here in LA. I am so grateful to be a part of the Work of Salvation! I encourage everyone back home to get into it too. It's all the same work, we are all brothers and sister, there always will be lost sheep. 

I love you guys! Thanks for always supporting me!

-Elder Burr

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